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Back to Basics with Puppy Potty Training Tips

Back to the basics of basics! Puppy potty training! Getting them on a schedule with structure will get the best results! 🐶🧡

1. Every Hour on the Hour

When your puppy first comes home, make it a habit to take them out every hour to two hours when they are awake. This regularity helps to ensure that when your pup has to go, they go outside.

When the pup does go, lots of praise and a treat will create a positive association with outside potty time. As your puppy gets the hang of going outside, you can gradually lessen the frequency of your outdoor visits.

2. Potty Time After Naps

Don’t wait five minutes or even two. As soon as your puppy wakes up, grab the leash, and head outside to your potty area. This gives your dog no chance to sniff around the house and have accidents.

3. Potty Time After Play (and training sessions!)

Just like toddlers, puppies can get caught up in playtime and forget that they have to “go”. If your puppy has been playing for a while, take a break and head to the potty area.

If you notice your puppy sniffing around intently or walking in circles during playtime, pick them up, get the leash, and go outside. Sniffing the floor, walking in circles or looking for a “secret” place are all signals that your pup may have to go.

4. Potty Time After Food and Drink

Puppies will have to go potty after eating and drinking. As your dog gets older, they will wait longer before they have to go, but young puppies don’t wait. As soon as your puppy has finished their meal, don’t waste any time getting them to the potty area – just do it.

5. Potty Outside Should Be Rewarded

A surefire way to reinforce that potty time is now always outdoors is to reward the puppy.

Use both praise and treats to let your puppy know that you like what they are doing. Make it a party! Lots of praise! Soon they will learn that they get a reward every time they potty outside and will want to repeat this behavior.


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