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Training Services

Helping owners live their best life with their pups by creating a balanced relationship. 

We are currently updating our scheduling software, all clients ready to schedule a session or class: please send an email to!


WiggleButts Dog Training 

If you are interested in a consultation, we can schedule one before booking a service. Consultations are $25

"I’ve known the owner of this company for a few years but for a short amount of time. Her passion for animals is unquestionable! WiggleButts is a great service for your pups. I have messaged the page numerous times with tips, tricks, advice and questions; WiggleButts is ALWAYS there to help in any way. Highly recommend!"


About the program:

Private sessions range from 45 minutes to an hour, focusing on addressing your goals for you and your dog.


Sessions take place at the WiggleButts Training Facility in Camden.

$125 Investment; non-refundable 

Group Classes

We offer STAR Puppy Classes (puppies between 12 weeks to a year old) each month for 6 weeks at our training center. $250/6 Weeks

4 Week Canine Good Citizen Prep/Test Class- $250/4 Weeks 

Structured Day Camp

Structured Day Camp at WiggleButts

Drop off starts at 9am

Pick up between 2:30-3pm


Training opportunities, proper socialization, enrichment, walks, & more! Fostering a calm state of mind during training and around well balanced dogs. Dogs must be crate trained, quiet and calm in the kennel. 


This is for dogs to sharpen their skills as well as have structured play with the dogs in the pack in a safe and fun environment. Day camp is for the owners to work on skills at home as well as at Day Camp! Your dog will be very successful if skills are implemented at home that are worked on at day camp!


Who this program is for:
Owners that need advice on how to reach their goals with their dog. 


About the program:

Book a virtual Owner Coaching Session with us! Are you looking for advice or tips to start implementing with your dog? Lets jump on a call and chat! 

What's included:

30 minute call chatting about your goals and questions about your dog. 

$75 for 30 minutes

Must be paid in full before virtual session

Please come prepared with goals, questions, topics you'd like to talk about. You dog does not have to be present for hands on work. 

(There will be no rescheduling if you are late/no show)

basic obedience


About Board & Train programs:

Our Board & Train program is a jumpstart to your dogs training journey! Your dog lives with a trainer for 14 days where structure, rules, and learning takes place just as they would if they were our personal dogs. They receive active training sessions as well as learning calmer state of mind in the home.

At the end of the 14 days, dogs and their owner will have a go home session where they learn everything the dog learned over the past two weeks of training. Owners will receive a go home packet as well as help and guidance afterward if needed. 

This program is for the owner that is ready to make the next steps in their training journey with their dog & take training & their relationship to the next level, this program is not a quick fix or for the owners that will not follow through at home with training instructions. 

The Board & Train Program is an Ecollar Learning Program. We use and are trained on Ecollar Technologies Mini Educators. 

In the programs 2 weeks we work on Kennel Manners, Place, Loose Leash Walking, Recall Skills, Sit & Down, Threshold Manners, Calm State of Mind.

This program is for dogs 6 months and up, must be potty trained, and have a foundation of being in the kennel. We will work on kennel manners, but dogs need to be familiar with being in the kennel. 

If you are ready to apply to our Board & Train Program, please send us an email at to set up a consultation. 

2 Week Board & Train


*$500 Non refundable deposit to book dates, deposit will come off total price

Perfect for owners looking to jumpstart their dogs training journey, or owners ready to change & reset their relationship with their dog.

  • Includes Ecollar Technologies Mini Educator Ecollar

  • Slip Lead/Prong Collar

  • WiggleButts Pack Guide

  • Future Boarding privileges for graduates


Contact the WiggleButts Team

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